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The A.V.P.F.

The A.V.P.F. gathers together collectors of both natures described bellow, it publishes a quarterly informative review, organizes trades by " circulations " and by regular regional meetings for its members. The relationship between the members allows then to increase their knowledges and experience.

The A.V.P.F. also helps collectors to enrich their collection. Our association has published several works generously illustrated in colours, at which each member has access.

Collectors of : - Cigar rings

  • - Labels of cigar box
  • The number of cigar rings worldwide is huge : antique rings dated from the end of the 19th century ; cubans, mexicans, americans and europeans, more recent rings, sets of rings based on one subject. How to identify them, to class them, to understand them, these are the objectives of the association throughout all its activities.

    The antique labels of cigar boxes are splendid lithographies, the most recent are beautiful offset productions. They can be collected, but they can also illustrate ring albums by brand or by decorative theme.

    Collectors of : - Boxes (and labels) of match boxes ;

  • - Match sleeves
  • They exist in every country worldwide, and are sometimes very beautiful such as the first boxes built in the last years of the 19th century. These boxes and sleeves are always illustrated, either by the brand, or by big or small firms which gave them to their clientele. The subjects of these illustrations, the brands and countries it has been made in allow to organize the collections.

    It is such a pleasure for example, to gather together all the match boxes of such size, of such origin or meant for hotels, haulage companies…


    Are you a collector ?

    Join us, you will always benefit it may it be for your knowledge or for your collection. It is worth the cost !

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